5 Weirdest Casino Games in the World

Online gambling has evolved over the decades in most developed countries in Europe, including Sweden. Online gambling had its foot in Sweden in 2002. Today, it’s possible to see commercials for various online platforms on Swedish television. Through technology, developers have brought the most exciting games over the years.

A variety of online casino games gain momentum to sustain the adrenaline of gambling, but some are out of the ordinary but remain a gambling alternative. Most gamblers are used to traditional games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, and slots. Take some time by grabbing a chair and cup of coffee as you read full details on the five weirdest casino games in the World.


It is a simple card game that dares Swedish online casino gamers on the internet. The main goal of this casino game is to win all cards. Gamblers are offered a card and only succeed if it’s higher than that of the dealers. When a tie occurs, gamblers have an alternative to gamble and double their bet. Surrendering half of the wager back is another route of getting back to the game in case of a tie.

Gambling in Sweden has been legal since 1994 and has acted as an example for many countries. With the four famous land-based casinos located in Sundsvall, Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmo, players enjoy their favorite games such as slots, blackjack, poker, and many more. Unusual games such as War can find their fertile ground in the four significant casinos in Sweden. War game is available in some of the Swedish platforms reviewed at svenska casino platforms. 

Belgian Birdsong

The Belgian Birdsong has challenged many casino games due to its uniqueness. The originality and adrenaline moment is embedded in the game. Have you ever placed a wager on a bird?  A group of birds is put in separate cages and sing in turns—gamblers go ahead to place their bets on the birds that will sing the loudest and the longest. 

I believe many have not heard of bird casino games, but they exist. The stakes are not placed at random as gamblers have a chance to study the birds carefully before making a decision. Players wait patiently for the birds to sing, and the loudest and the longest wins it all. Wondering how to get a chance to play it? Board a plane to Belgium and get a chance to enjoy a once lifetime experience.  


Dreidel is another weird but exciting casino game that gamblers can play everywhere in the World. The traditional game is associated with the Jewish community distinctively during Hanukkah. The game is straightforward to play and calls for players to place their wagers in a betting pot at the center of a table and spin the Dreidel only once. 

Winning depends on the side that players land. Gamblers can win all or some pieces inside the pot. The end of the betting era is signaled when players win the entire pot. Dreidel holds a significant league tournament in New York. The Dreidel has challenged many casino games since it’s easy to join and learn.

Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken

Tic Tac Toe is globally known as the Chicken Challenge. Gamblers who have visited Atlanta City have come across the popular game with a natural chicken called Ginger. Players who succeed as the champions laugh all the way home with bugging wallets. 

Ginger makes her mark on the board, and those players willing to play against Ginger must wait patiently for the chicken to peck a bit inside her cage and, in time, choose the right Tic Tac Toe button. The chicken challenge is the most traditional bird casino game in history. The result has made Ginger a famous icon who beats almost every darting player.

Spin Pachinko Slots

Spin Pachinko slots have entirely different graphics from what gamblers are used to seeing on casino floors. They include Japanese anime and reflect a weird combination of traditional slots and vertical pinball machines. The game involves landing balls in allocated holes to trigger a payout, rewarding more steel balls. The game is challenging in making more balls land in the pits as they disappear when they drop down.

Online gambling is an awesome source of money. Playing unusual games sounds exciting and paying a trip to Las Vegas to play Dreidel can be more exciting.