About live casinos and how they work

At present the growth of online or live games has been uncontrollable, since with the situation of the pandemic, many people have required to stay locked at home for their own safety, something that has benefited many companies that they have their world on the web.

As for example, the web versions of casinos have managed to increase their clientele in recent months, many of the bettors have opted for live casinos, to feel that excitement that gambling brings with them, in front of the public and other bettors, while they are in the comfort of their homes.

About live casinos

Many of the traditional bettors opt for live casinos, because they consider that it brings with it an essence closer to face-to-face casinos, in addition to being live, no type of computers is directly involved making it in some way safer, although always certain aspects must be taken into account before entering a game room:

  • That has a verified security system
  • A fast and secure payment system for all bettors, which ensures the withdrawal of money at the desired time.
  • That they have customer service
  • Variety of games that are being offered, usually live casinos offer the same number of games as a traditional one.
  • Bring welcome bonuses, which should always be verified for the existence of the small print.

Some advantages of this mode

Playing in this type of live casino mode, brings with it many advantages that differentiate it from traditional and online casinos, which are:

  • They insure a flesh and blood dealer to make the game more ‘honest’
  • Being a live dealer who is in charge of the game, he can make some human error benefiting some of the players, something that the computer in the case of the online casino would not happen.
  • Convenience of playing anywhere with a web connection
  • Power of interaction with the dealer for any detail
  • Different forms of payment
  • They try to be as realistic as possible to a traditional casino
  • Security in any type of transaction

How does the live casino work?

When we talk about live casinos, they do not have so many differences with their online version that we all have knowledge of, we can see the same board, the same type of tokens or credits depending on the type of casino we enter, the design of the table will be similar, and the classic betting and other types of actions can be found in the user interface, in addition to the dealer taking note of the orders you give and the actions that bettors take.

The biggest difference will be that we will be able to visualize an authentic dealer, which will have its own session in which it will be able to handle the usual elements of the game, as we would in a traditional casino, it will be possible to ask questions to be able to interact with the dealer to feel more comfortable. 

These croupiers are in a scenario created by the virtual casino or in an area of ​​some physical casino. It should be noted that everything that is being observed is completely real, the elements to play, such as table, cards, devices, tokens, are real.