3 Differences Between Poker & Blackjack Players

While both poker and blackjack are popular table games played at online and traditional casinos, there are key differences between them that could affect which one you choose to play and your chances of long-term success. Here are three ways in which poker and blackjack players differ.

Rules of the game

There are different variants of poker and blackjack, each of which has its own rules that players should learn. However, the rules of blackjack are stricter, with less flexibility for players to be creative. The aim of blackjack is to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over, while in poker, players try to make the best hand from the hole and community cards.

In poker, there is also a significant psychological element that can influence how a hand plays out. An example is bluffing, where a player tries to convince an opponent to fold a good hand, so they can claim the pot. 

As such, players who want to add an element of creativity to their casino play tend to prefer poker to the more rigid blackjack.

Playing against the house vs other players

This is an essential difference to understand. In blackjack, players only compete against the dealer, whereas in poker, even though there is a dealer who oversees the game, the “house” has no direct stake in the action. Players compete among each other to win the communal pot, with the casino getting a portion of the winnings.

This has several implications for players. For example, blackjack does not require an ability to “read” other players. Conversely, poker players who cannot figure out their opponents’ mindsets are at a serious disadvantage. 

Therefore, players who don’t want to engage with other people or to have a psychological element involved in whether they win or lose generally stick to blackjack.


Serious and experienced players of both games employ strategies aimed at helping them win more consistently. Due to the fact players only play against the house, blackjack strategy is exclusively game based. For example, there are different ways to approach single deck and multi-deck games, and an accepted strategy of when to split a pair.

In poker, strategy includes the actual game, such as how to wager on each betting round and the relative odds of the different hands. However, as mentioned above, it also includes strategies employed against your opponents based on their playing style and body language.

When playing poker online at a site like casinoaus.net, it’s not possible to read physical “tells”. However, players can still watch their opponents’ betting patterns and strategies to decide how to approach a hand. For example, a normally cautious player who suddenly starts raising could indicate a really good hand or an attempt at bluffing. 

As poker strategy is more complex and demanding, players who prefer to focus on their own cards and individual strategy are more inclined to play blackjack.

So, with all this in mind, which should you choose?

Blackjack is easier for new players to learn and doesn’t leave you vulnerable to more experienced players’ strategies. However, poker is a more compelling game that requires a combination of skills and strategies. While these take time to develop, they can pay off over the longer term, in potential winnings and enjoyable casino play.