99% of all online casinos offer new players the so-called welcome bonus. This is the most popular and important bonus for attracting players. By the size of the welcome bonus, you can judge the bonus policy of a particular brand of online casinos.

Some brands offer a very small percentage, but for a large maximum bonus amount. Other brands provide a large percentage increase in the first deposit, but with a relatively small maximum amount.

On the one hand, the casino wants to attract as many players as possible due to a good welcome bonus. But on the other hand, it’s important not to overdo it, otherwise the casino risks serious losses.

Let’s try to figure out these bonuses.

Best Welcome Bonus Casino

Best Welcome Bonus CasinoIt is impossible to determine which of all welcome bonuses is the best. Each player has his own preferences. Some players love welcome bonuses of 400% up to 50 euro. Others like 50% up to 1000 eur or usd. It is also important to consider other parameters.

These parameters include wager, maxbet, max cashout and many many others. Remember to read the rules for using each welcome bonus. Very often there are conditions that completely discourage you from using such a bonus.

Best welcome bonus is a bonus that includes the optimal size, wager and conditions for its use. Since all online casinos have different parameters, each bonus must be considered individually.

No Deposit Welcome Bonus

Best Online Casino Welcome Bonuses (Signup) 2018 - No DepositThis type of welcome bonus is significantly different from others. The main difference is that this proposal does not require investing your own money. You just have to register and you will be given a bonus. In most cases, such a reward is very small.

It can be 10-20 free spins or 5 $ cash. Also, in 90% of cases, this type of welcome offer includes max cashout. For example, you received 5 $ cash no deposit welcome bonus for your registration. In this case, max cashout is $ 50.

No matter how you play, the maximum possible and available for withdrawal amount will be no more than $ 50. Even if you win one million dollars, you will withdraw only 50. The rest of the winnings will be canceled.

Live casino

Since the conditions for wagering the bonus in slots and live casino are significantly different, the bonus in these types of games can also be different. There are online casinos that provide live casino first deposit bonus.

This offer is not suitable for slot lovers. Anyway, this bonus will not be available for playing in slots. Thus, if you use it, then when you open any slot, your account will show $ 0.00. Always read the rules carefully. Not all bonuses are the same and each of them has its pros and cons.


Exclusive bonuses deserve special attention, since it is these bonuses that are often of great interest to players. Such bonuses can be given out by large sites about online casinos, which managed to agree with the leadership on special conditions for players who came from their sites.

We give an example. If the standard bonus for a new player is 100% up to $ 100, then the exclusive bonus may be greater in its percentage amount. For example 150% up to $ 150. But the player this offer will be available only upon the transition from a site that has such an agreement.


What is the Casino Welcome Package?
  • Sometimes, instead of a welcome bonus, you may come across the concept of a welcome package. These are two different concepts. In the first case, you are offered a separate bonus on your first deposit. In the second case, we are talking about a special bonus package, which is provided for the first few deposits.  For example, on the first, second and third deposits. The sum of the maximum possible bonuses for these first three deposits is the amount called the welcome package. Do not rejoice when you see something like 1000 $ welcome package. These may be bonuses of 10% up to $ 100 on the first 10 deposits. Once again we repeat – always carefully study the terms of use of each bonus.
What is a casino welcome bonus?
  • Casino welcome bonus is a special online casino promotional offer for a new potential client, i.e. a new player. The sizes and conditions of such bonuses may differ significantly from each other.
How do online casino welcome bonuses work?
  • Consider an example. Playamo casino provides new players with a 100% up to 100 usd welcome bonus. Wager x35. If you make a deposit in the amount of 100 usd, then your account will have 200 usd. Next you start to play. You cannot directly withdraw 200 usd. This is contrary to any logic. To be able to withdraw money you must wager the so-called wager. If the size of the wager is x35, then you need to make bets in the amount of 100×35 = $ 3500. Agree, the amount is impressive. But do not be scared.$ 3,500 is just the sum of bets. In this case, no matter what the outcome of these rates. That is, it doesn’t matter if you won or lost in these bets. For wagering, only the bets themselves are taken into account. So for example, if you make 10 spins in slots at a bet of $ 5, then after making these spins the amount of the wager will be reduced to $ 3450. Thus, you must understand that the wagering of any bonus depends more on your luck than on the size of the bonus. Wager is much more important. The larger the wager, the more difficult it is to win the welcome bonus.