We know well that many players prefer to play live casino. That is why we have created a special section for these players. Here are collected only the best online casinos that provide the opportunity to play with live dealers.

Best Live Online Casinos

#BrandNameTGB™ RatingBonusPlay
1 LV Bet Casino Review Software, Bonuses, Payments (2018) LV Bet
4.2 / 5
€1000 and 1000FS
2 Bao Casino
4.1 / 5
€200 +20FS
3 Extra Vegas Casino
3.5 / 5
€/$1000 +80FS
4 Mr Mobi Casino
3.3 / 5
€500 +50FS
5 Mr Slot Casino
3.2 / 5
€1000 +50FS

If you are a fan of live casino, then The Gambler Bay will certainly help you in choosing the best offer. About 90% of all casinos have live casinos at their disposal. In this section, we cut off the remaining 10% and created a special list for you. You just have to choose the one that suits you.

Live casinos with Live Dealer

Live Online CasinosIt is one thing to play slots and quite another to play with live dealers. Those who have tried it at least once understand the whole essence of such a game.

Spending time with a living person is always more interesting. We have collected for you the best online casinos with live dealers so that you can choose the best.

In addition, it happens that you may like a certain dealer and then you will look for it. You may just like the girl or guy at the casino table. What the dealer says is also very important.

One may be silent and the other very talkative. It all depends on what kind of person it is and what kind of policy the online casino itself conducts. Also, providers cannot be excluded, because they provide their platforms for live casinos.

Live games

At casino you will meet a huge variety of live games. The most popular games are roulette, blackjack, various types of poker and others. Live games providers constantly come up with new varieties of popular games and this makes it even more interesting.

Those who are tired of ordinary roulette can get a lot of new impressions from new types of this game with non-standard rules. There are also a large number of games that were invented recently. For example, Dream Catcher. This is a relatively new live game. This game appeared about three years ago, but has already managed to become very popular. Now I’ll talk a bit about the most popular live games in more detail.


Live roulette is a regular roulette that is played with a live dealer. Prior to launching the game disc, all participants in the game must place their bet on the playing field, after which the start of the disc begins. Also, at the first time of the rotation of the disk, you can still make some bets. After that, the dealer will announce that the acceptance of bets is over.

After these words, betting is prohibited. Then everything is simple – the disk stops and depending on the number dropped out, the players either lose or take away all the winnings. All actions with the game disc in live casino are done by the dealer.

Blackjack with live dealer

Regarding blackjack, the situation here is similar. Up to 8 people can gather at one gaming table. It all depends on the variety of blackjack and special rules of live casino itself. We are talking about the classic version. So, when all the players announced their readiness for the game, the live dealer begins the distribution of cards.

Each player receives two cards per hand. After that, in turn, players parry decisions about additional cards. The dealer decides last. The fact is that the casino plays against several players at once. Thus, the last move of the dealer gives some advantages of online casinos. There has been debate about this for a long time, but at the moment, everything remains the same.


As you probably know, poker can be played against the same people as you and against online casinos. It is in the second case that there is a live dealer. In most cases, the game is one on one. That is, the player is against an online casino. If this is a classic Texas Hold’em, then the player and the dealer receive two cards per hand. After this, the first round of torches is made.

If the first round does not reveal a winner, then three additional playing cards are opened. These are common playing cards that can participate both in player combinations and in dealer combinations. The first three open cards are called flat. After this, another circle of torages occurs. Then it opens twice on one playing card. These stages of the game are called turn and river.

Live casino free

At the moment, no provider has the opportunity to play live games for free. This is due to additional waste for providers. Well, think for yourself who will benefit from paying a live dealer salary and still not receive any income, because players will play with virtual money, not real money.

That is why we offer players an alternative with free live games without live dealers. These are exactly the same games and the same rules, but without dealers. These games are on the Gambler Bay website under Games.


Is live casino rigged
  • We cannot claim that live casino is deceiving us. On the one hand, there were cases in which certain online casinos tried to trick their players into live games, but in most cases these casinos were of poor quality and little known. You will never be deceived in well-known online casinos and with good and strong licenses. This makes no sense. The casino is making money on you. What is the point of deceiving you. But remember, this applies to popular online casinos. We do not warrant for little-known casinos.
What Are Live Casino Games
  • We have already mentioned the most popular live games on this page. These are roulette, blackjack, poker, sic bo, baccarat and many others. For example, the relatively new game dream catcher.
What is a live casino
  • Live Casino is an online casino in which players play against casinos with live dealers. It is live dealers who are representatives of online casinos. It is always much more pleasant to play in live casino, because in addition to the game you can enjoy communicating with the dealers themselves. In addition, beautiful girls and guys are most often invited to the post of live dealer. This attracts players even more.
What is the best live casino
  • It is hard to answer this question for sure. Each player may have their own particular preferences. One player can always be lucky with one dealer, while the other just liked the girl in a particular casino. In addition, the ratings of this casino from leading sites about online casinos matter. We remind you that The Gambler Bay Rating takes into account several such ratings at once. Explore them and you might find the best live casino.
How To Play Live Casino
  • The answer to this question is quite easy. In most online casinos, everything is done intuitively and simply. All you need to do to play live casino is to register an account and fund your account. Then just click on the Live Casino section and select a game.
How To Play Live Poker at a Casino
  • We have already answered this question in the heading called Poker.


Live Casino is a modern gambling industry that is developing rapidly. With each new round of its development, new games and ways of conveying the magnificent atmosphere of the player’s presence at the gaming table are being invented.

You can enjoy playing with live dealers right at home, but remember that any entertainment has its limits, this is especially important when it comes to gambling. The Gambler Bay team wishes you luck in choosing your best live casino and good luck in the game.