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We greet you! We are The Gambler Bay! This is best online casino page. On this page you can see the best online casinos based on their average rating for the most top sites. No one except us provides such a rating. This is the uniqueness of our project. You will not find anything like it.

Best online casino ratingsAs you probably know, each of the top casino sites has its own rating and rating criteria. AskGamblers has one parameter, CasinoMeister has different parameters, and The Pogg has third parameters.

We noticed that on one site a casino can get the highest rating, while on another it may be blacklisted. Thus, in order to get full information about a particular online casino, a player needs to visit several top sites. The Gambler Bay solved this problem and now you do not need to visit several sites at once.

Best Online Casino Rating and How It Works

Coming to this page you are immediately greeted by the best online casinos according to the opinion of the main experts in the gambling market. Our top is based on average ratings from top sites. Thus, if a casino has ratings on two sites, then in our rating it will have an average indicator of these two ratings.

For example, an online casino received a score of 9 on AskGamblers, while The Pogg rated the casino at 5 points. In this case, in our rating this casino will have an average rating of 7 points. It is determined by the usual formula of the average score: (9 + 5) / 2 = 7. Everything is extremely simple.

Top 10 or Top 12

We did not limit ourselves to standard solutions on the market and introduced top 12 online casinos instead of top 10. In addition, our rating is not limited by any limits. Initially, you see the 12 best casinos based on their average rating. However, under the logos of these twelve casinos you can find numbered pages with links.

By clicking on these links you will continue to study our rating further. The casino that is not always suitable for you will be at the top. You choose it according to several parameters – payouts speed, currencies, restrictions and others. Very often, top 10 is not enough and I want to see more offers. Here you can do it.

Best Casinos for UK, Australia & Canada

We did not clutter our rating of the best online casinos with all kinds of filters for countries and licenses. Due to this, our site is easier and more convenient. If you want to find the best top casinos for Australia, UK or Canada, then you are better off visiting the special pages of our site. You can find them in the top menu of The Gambler Bay.

Just hover over the Countries menu item, and then select the page you need. It is there that you will find exclusively those online casinos that accept players from your country for playing for real money. This also applies to the best online casinos for players from the USA.

Best Payouts

We are constantly developing and want to become more comfortable and of high quality for our visitors, however, there are parameters by which at the moment we can not give a qualitative answer to the players. One of these parameters is the selection of the best online casinos by payouts speed.

On the page of each casino review, you will find the speed on internal terms & conditions of the brand itself. But very often this is not true. Some casinos pay much faster than they claim, while others, on the contrary, pay a very long time, although their rules specify shorter terms.

The only thing we can advise you is to visit the CasinoMeister website. There is a separate parameter for recalling players by their payout speed. Some volunteers send data on the rate of payment in an online casino to this site on their own. It also indicates the payment system and other indicators.

New Casino Rating

Do not forget that every day more and more new online casinos open. We do not bypass them, but regularly add them. After adding a new casino to our site, it immediately falls into this rating and takes its place in it. Pay special attention to new casinos, as it is always profitable.

On the one hand, they are responsible for the players, because they need to gain credibility. On the other hand, they want to attract new players, and this new casino can only do with a good bonus offer. Therefore, be sure to follow the emergence of new brands on our website.

Casino Player Ratings

Having visited the review of any casino, you will find there special functionality with which you can put your own rating to this online casino. This rating will not be taken into account in the overall ranking, but your opinion will necessarily be reflected in the indicator of player ratings. It is important. Help other players. Just put from 1 to 10 stars in this functionality. We will be very grateful to you.


Summing up, it can be noted that The Gambler Bay’s rating is unique at the moment. In our deep conviction, this rating is the most high-quality and truthful, because this is an average rating.

A single site, the assessment of which we take into account, cannot significantly affect our rating. Thus, we achieve our main goal – to provide each player and visitor of The Gambler Bay with a truly high-quality rating of online casinos.