Mancala Gaming

Mancala Gaming

Mancala Gaming was founded in 2019 by a group of industry professionals with the vision and ambition to innovate and raise the standards of the iGaming industry. The official launch of the company followed several months later in May 2020, after months of strategic planning. Shortly after the launch, the in-house game studio was completed, and the Mancala Gaming team started growing. Professionals with expertise in diverse industries, brilliant creatives and talented developers with a shared vision stand behind the development of the studio’s unique, immersive portfolio of slot games. Since the launch, the provider has been working on obtaining major gaming licenses, so that even more players across the world can enjoy their innovative, exciting titles. 

The Mancala Gaming headquarters is situated in Prague, Czech Republic, which is also where the game development process, from ideation to the launch, takes place. Ever since the company emerged in 2019, the key stakeholders and team members have all shared the same vision and values, which continue to drive the company forward and cement its position as a force of innovation. With a growing number of players, Mancala Gaming continues to cater to even the most demanding players, push the boundaries of iGaming to meet the desires of younger generations, and embody excellent business practices through strong, strategic partnerships with industry leaders. 

Licenses and Markets 

Mancala Gaming has been working on obtaining licenses that would allow it to expand to most major markets in the world. At the moment, obtaining an MGA license is the top priority for the provider. Similarly, strong focus is being placed on expanding into the flourishing German, Spanish and Italian markets, which have seen a massive boom over the past few years. In an effort to expand to even more major markets as well as offer games to smaller, more niche markets, Mancala gaming is constantly working on completing the licensing process for as many localities as possible. At the same time, the provider is dedicated to offering games that comply with local regulations and, most importantly, put player safety above all else. 

Innovative Games 

In the Prague headquarters, creatives and developers get together to brainstorm unique ideas and turn them into reality. Each of Mancala Gaming online casino games is carefully designed to provide an immersive, thrilling gaming experience through stunning visuals and original game mechanics. The games reflect ideas born from the diverse team, pop culture trends, newest industry standards, and much more. Everyone in the team has the opportunity to pitch their original ideas to the studio, which encourages creativity and collaboration and allows for the emergence completely unique, out-of-the-box game ideas. To ensure that each game provides nothing short of an excellent gambling experience, Mancala Gaming places focus on each of the components that make up the game. From amazing graphics that pull the players into the world of the game down to the ambient soundtrack of each game, every title aims to keep the players at the edge of their seat and provide unparalleled entertainment.

Due to the growing saturation of the online gambling market, Mancala Gaming has been turning its attention to the younger generation of players, and finding great success with this demographic. By implementing unique game mechanics that are more interactive and combining the key elements of traditional slot games with modern mobile and video games, the provider has managed to capture the attention of younger players and become a driving force behind innovation in the industry. 

Game Features 

All of Mancala Gaming slots are RNG certified. The standard RTP for all of the provider’s games is 95% based on 10 million spins, and each game features its own bonusing tools that increase the potential winnings. These include wheel of fortune, multipliers, free spins, puzzle bonus rounds, or cascading symbols. Additionally, some games have unique features that make the gameplay even more thrilling, such the exploding cherries in Cherry Bombs, or a bonus game of tic-tac-toe in Coco Tiki. 

Mancala Gaming slot games all run on HTML5 and JavaScript technology, which provides great accessibility and compatibility across platforms. All of the games can be played on desktop, mobile, or tablet, to increase the convenience of gameplay – even on the go.