Whether it’s about playing against the dealer in the Blackjack or betting over a spinning wheel in Roulette. The casino’s holds a strong grip on the world. This has been existing in every age and culture.

Talking about the roots, the initial gambling came in light by the Chinese in 2300 B.C. Furthermore, it was present in Egypt where pair of ivory dice was found from before 1500 B.C. by the archaeologists.

If asked about the stories date back, many goes around. Either you will hear about the bet played by Julius Caesar and his friend Marc Antony on their rooster fights or about the emperor Claudius playing with dice while travelling

The first Casino house

Undoubtedly, gambling has been around always throughout the years. But there was never an authorized property for gaming. People used to meet up and play regularly in the random halls earlier than 1638.

Casino di Venezia was the first to unlock the casino doors in Venice under which the services are still operational to date. This was unrolled in the carnival season by the local council to enjoy the smooth and hassle-free gaming throughout the event.

Casino’s Nowadays

Gambling is highly admired by the world still today. And since the evolution of the Internet, there are number of online sites where a daily win and lose game takes place. Hence, making comfortable for the interested ones in their own places. In the mid 1990s, the oldest online casino sites were initiated which are still in existence.

When compared the most popular game in the world of gambling. The Backgammon, Baccarat, Poker and Roulette overlap the various other casino games to have the best odds.

To the date, it is still unknown from where these games have originated from. Therefore, it is better to enjoy now rather than searching out. Who else had thought that these games are being played on since the history of civilization?

OLDEST ONLINE CASINOAfter thousands of years, the evolution of the casinos has taken a shimmery shape that we see today. Where your win depends upon your luck. This is the indication that gambling will develop with technology as the time moves.

Interestingly, this journey of fancy game cards is never ending in the metropolis streets or in the online world. The Humans will never stop trying their luck.