How to Identify a Shady Casino in New Zealand

The best casinos in New Zealand don’t just offer a variety of gaming options with enhanced experiences and bonus features, they also offer 100% transparency. There are no hidden charges or tricky terms and conditions. All you have to do when you want to play a game is visit the online casino in New Zealand, create an account and start enjoying yourself.
Unfortunately, not every casino in New Zealand is reliable, some scam websites are trying to trick unsuspected people so you need to be careful. 

How to Separate Scam Casinos from Reliable Ones 

1. Check the Bonuses 

Online casinos always offer bonuses to attract customers. However, you should be suspicious if the bonuses and wagering requirements are too good to be true. Remember the old saying “if something seems too good to be true, it probably is”? Well, this saying applies to every aspect of life including gambling. Scammers lure users with unbelievably high signup bonuses with no restrictions or wagering requirements. 

As stated in the introduction, transparency is a key variable that can offer insight into the legitimacy of a website. Even if it is an online casino, there should be a physical address and contact details that can be verified by a third party. All online New Zealand casinos are licensed by the Department of Internal Affairs. Make sure that the website mentions the name of its regulatory body.

The terms and conditions should be clear and easy for anyone to read and understand. Each game should have a description that offers key details about what you should expect. The more details are available on the online casino, the more likely it is legitimate. 

3. Find Out the Required Details for Registration 

Online casinos in New Zealand may request your email address and other important contact info upon registration. However, reliable casinos will never ask you for your IRD number (social security number) or any other personal information that may expose you to theft or other forms of fraud. 

Even when the site appears legal, make sure the URL is secure before you give out your information. If the URL does not have HTTP in front of it, it is not a secure site. This means hackers can steal your personal information directly from the website. 

4. Check Website Quality

As a bonus tip, always gamble on online casinos with good website design and user interface. The best casinos in New Zealand invest in building high-quality and reliable websites that are easy to navigate. Check every minor detail including website speed, grammar, and redirects. Online casinos with pop-up ads that redirect you to a completely different website without your permission are a no-no. 


Gambling is entertaining and it presents you with an opportunity to make money. However, you can lose more than you know if you choose to gamble on a shady or unreliable online casino. You can find reliable online casinos on a website that offers unbiased reviews. All of them here offer bonuses, security and a variety of games.