Online Casino Accepting Visa Gift Cards


Online Casino Accepting Visa Gift CardsVISA prepaid cards are a safe, fast and increasingly common way to register payments at online casinos. They don’t necessarily have your name associated with it, have a fixed value attached to them and, above all, are easy to use. If you don’t have online deposit options available to you at the sites of your preference, consider looking for an online casino accepting VISA gift cards.

What is a gift card?

Gift cards are prepaid cards that can be bought online or physically from any financial institution, usually without a name on them β€” thus, they can be purchased by anyone. Most importantly, using gift cards is convenient for those who aren’t comfortable entering personal or credit card information on the internet.

Because barcodes on gift cards are placed differently from your conventional credit or debit card, you can’t withdraw money with it at an ATM. Rather, the amount you purchase is linked to the database of the store that sold you the gift card.

Why use a gift card?

Online casinos that accept VISA credit cards usually accept VISA gift cards too. However, gift cards are almost always anonymous. Hence, using gift cards is also useful if you keep having your card declined: since prepaid cards are not associated with bank accounts, but rather were loaded with a fixed value, payments tend to occur smoothly.

Moreover, fixed values on gift cards are important for a good gambling strategy. A gambler with a cool head may plan spending $100 on a night, but the certainty that he can’t spend any more than that, since there is no more money to withdraw from the gift card, is reassuring and can lead to better results. Therefore, gift cards make your gambling budget immune to moments of weakness.

How to use a gift card

Due to the high chance that an online casino accepting VISA gift cards will have additional security measures, it is possible that the site will ask for a name and an address associated to the card, either on payment or withdrawal. In order to avoid having your gift card declined, ask the bank or store to associate your name and address information to the gift card.

Finally, make sure the card you are using is accepted by the online casino. You might even find you can take advantage of welcome bonuses or similar promotions by using your gift card.