Technology Used In Streaming Live Casinos

People want to play games that feel more real, so live casino games are becoming more and more popular. People are now taking the games they play more seriously, which is why they are always looking for the best way to win. Those who like to play live casino games know how fun and social this can be. But a lot has to go right for live gaming to work well. Look closely at the technology used in games like blackjack and many others.

Control Units for Games

A Gaming Control Unit, or GCU, is software attached to the tables in real casinos. It makes it possible to play live casino games. It is tool dealers use to see what’s happening at all the tables at once and also tells them when they can spin the roulette wheel or draw or put a card on the table in games like blackjack.

They record

All it takes to set up a live casino game is a few cameras. But the cameras used in live casinos are unlike those used at home. Operators use HD and even 4K cameras with high frame rates to give players the best view possible.

In a typical live casino setup for blackjack live streaming, at least three or more cameras are set up around the table. You can usually see the whole table, the dealer, and their hands when they spin the wheel or put down cards. In live games, the camera is always pointed at the dealer, which makes the game feel more natural. Players can even talk to the dealer while the game is going on. You can also ask them questions while playing, just like in a real casino.

Optical Camera Recognition

When we talk about cameras, this is a camera technology that is also used a lot in real-life casinos. The OCR’s Optical Camera Recognition (OCR) records or captures everything in a table or a live stream. It is also why you can talk to the dealer in real-time.

What’s fun about live casinos?

All of these technologies are used in live casinos, which is part of what makes them fun. Realistic casino games are played online thanks to technology, and people are interested because it’s fun and easy.

However, some casinos require their players to have their webcams or cameras on when playing a live casino game. Don’t worry about your privacy; you can still find a shot where your face isn’t on the screen. Some operators ask for this because they want to make sure you’re still online.

Final thoughts

For some, streaming online is one of the most important reasons to gamble online. You need to talk about both types, benefits and technology used to stream online, so your audience knows what they miss out on if they don’t play these games. The above guide will also help you know what you are risking on.