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Gods of Gold Infinireels Play Free or Real Money Slot Machine

Gold also has its own gods. The most coveted metal on our planet turns out to have its own gods. There are four of them. But more about them later. Now let’s talk about the overall impression. A game screen opens in front of us with a playing field measuring 3 by 3 cells. Game reels rotate against a brick wall background. Behind the brick wall itself are huge mountains of gold. There you can see all kinds of plates, cups, helmets and, of course, gold coins.

Main gameplay

The main distinguishing feature of the Gods of Gold slot machine is the addition of an additional reel in case of a winning combination. Moreover, if a symbol completing this combination appears on an additional reel, then another reel is added. The number of additional reels can be overwhelming. For the convenience of the player, NetEnt has created a special information scheme directly under the slot screen. By looking at this scheme, you can easily determine the limits of the possible gain.


The symbols in Gods of Gold slot are quite classic. The cheapest symbols are purple, blue, green and pink crystals. Next, in terms of value, are the symbols of the gods themselves. There are 4 of them. This is a Korean bearded god, a woman with gold jewelry, a buffalo with red eyes and a bird.

In addition to these eight characters, there are also two special characters. These are classic wild and scatter symbols. The wild symbol looks like a gold piece with a purple crystal. Scatter is made in the form of a sun. A dazzling pearl is located in the middle of the sun, and golden rays wriggle around this pearl.

Win Spins

If you have already started playing Gods of Gold slot from NetEnt, you probably noticed the WIN SPINS inscription in the lower left corner of the screen. During the main gameplay, the number 0 is visible there. To get 10 Win Spins you need to catch 3 scatter symbols. It should be borne in mind that scatter symbols are counted both on the three main reels and on additional ones.

During free spins, every spin guarantees you a win. Keep in mind, however, that in most cases this gain is minimal. I played this slot and got three bonus games. At the same time, the maximum multiplication was number 10. It is also annoying that during WIN SPINS the gods practically do not fall out, only crystals.


This is what the special function of infinite extra reels is called. The provider states that the number of additional reels in the game may be infinite, but we understand that this is not the case. In fact, I played 1000 spins and the maximum amount of additional reels was 11. In my opinion, this is a complete deception. Well, there would be 20-25 of them for 1000 spins, but 11 and at the same time only once. A sad function with elements of deception.


Those who like to win in almost every spin should love this game. However, remember that each of these wins are minimal. There are very few big wins. Gods of Gold slot keeps balance well, but does not increase it. This slot is well suited for wagering bonuses. You can make a fairly large turnover of funds in it.

The Gambler Bay team wishes you all the best in your game.