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Noah’s Ark Play Free or Real Money Slot Machine


IGT developers realized that indeed their existed a gap in the gaming market. A gap they felt needed to be filled. As a result, in late 2014, they launched Noah’s Ark casino slot machine. A product dating back during a time of Noah and the flood. Where God instructed him to shelter with 2 animals of a kind in his ark. Though, it was designed to depict a Bible setting, it still offers pleasurable moments.

Noah’s Ark Free Online Slot Machine Review

Play For Free Noah’s Ark Slot Machine OnlineNoah’s ark was designed in a 5X4 format with 30 ways to win. It employs imagery and symbolism that comes in two’s. Animals such as lions, elephants, zebras, doves etc. all form lucrative paying icons.

Furthermore, it comes with the usual Ace, King, 9, 10 icons that add to players winnings. Play Noah’s Ark video slot machine free online and enjoy irresistible multi color themes that are so soothing. Or rather, visit accredited gaming stations to prove a point with as little as £1.

Bonus Game And Free Spins

Usually, Noah’s Ark is flavored with a myriad of no deposit bonus goodies. Ranging from multipliers, free games, scattered images to substitute images. Substitute images assumes Noah’s Ark logo positions and has abilities to replace every image rather scattered images. Usually, substitute images are known to be win multipliers.

On the other hand, the dove images represent scattered images where there appearance of more than 4 on reel 4,3 and 2 guarantees extra games. For instance, five dove icons earns five extra matches whereas 6 dove icons earns 10 extra matches. Furthermore, extra matches earned can be re-triggered to yield more extra matches.

Mobile Version

It is so unfortunate that a phone version of Noah’s Ark is yet to be released despite being in the market for almost a decade now. But all is never lost since you can still play for fun Noah’s Ark slot machine game free online on desktop. All thanks to FLASH! technology for an initiative to device a desktop version though in a demo play mode. Either way, offline gaming store can still sort you out. Ensure you never miss out a handsome 95%RTP!

Noah’s Ark gameplay

Noah’s Ark Slot Machine Review

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