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The rapid development of cryptotechnologies has led to the fact that this has affected the sphere of online casinos. Many players and casinos gladly accepted information about this type of payment like Bitcoin. The main reason for this was that Bitcoin does not oblige anyone to report to anyone.

Players like Bitcoin because it is an interesting, unusual and fast method of depositing and withdrawing money. Online casinos use Bitcoin to avoid paying taxes. After all, no one controls Bitcoin. In any case, this is a rather interesting payment method, which is worth exploring in more detail. Let’s do it.

Best bitcoin casinos


We at The Gambler Bay have prepared for you a special list of online casinos that accept payments and deposits by Bitcoin. The more popular the topic of cryptocurrencies becomes, the more different casino brands begin to introduce these currencies into their work. Our list of Bitcoin casinos is built in a special way.

We take into account not only the availability of this payment system, but also build all the online casinos in the form of a rating. The main parameter of this rating is the average rating of a particular casino at 5 top casino sites. Thus, you will see a special rating of Bitcoin casinos with the best ratings and reviews of real players on the network.


The United States was one of the first countries to quickly respond to the rapidly growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. The most important and first reaction was the creation of committees and bodies that could monitor all transactions in this area.

They were also attracted to online casinos, which had the right to accept American players and at the same time accepted Bitcoin pings. This has led to the fact that the ability to make deposits using Bitcoin in the USA has sharply decreased. But this does not mean that there are no such casinos. They are and you can find them on The Gambler Bay.

United kingdom

UK is also a country that responds quickly to new aspects of life. Especially when it comes to UK citizens. For this, a special license was introduced in the UKGC. This license should have not only online casinos that accept payments in Bitcoin, but also game providers.

If the provider provides the opportunity to play on Bitcoin, then it is required to have a license. For example, NetEnt and Microgaming considered this license unnecessary and they still do not accept Bitcoin players.

Canada, Australia, South Africa

These three states also applied a number of measures to regulate the movement of funds in cryptocurrencies in online casinos. You can find a list of online casinos that accept citizens of these countries for playing for real money, including Bitcoin.

Please note that we have divided the list of online casinos for each of these countries. In order to see them, use the main menu in the upper right corner.

No Deposit, Free Spins & Bonus Codes

People who have got a special Bitcoin wallet or account very often look for all kinds of no deposit bonuses. Bonuses in the form of cash, bonus codes and free spins on sign up can safely be attributed to this category. This is due to the fact that in case of a win, players will be able to withdraw these funds to their Bitcoin account.

But do not forget that any no deposit bonus in 99% of cases is limited by the maximum withdrawal amount. Do not flatter yourself with free money, because even in the case of such a modern currency as Bitcoin, an online casino will still not work at a loss.

Best Bitcoin Slots & Games

As we have said, not all providers of games and slots provide the opportunity to play in such a currency as Bitcoin. If you like to play slots from leading providers like Playtech, Novomatic, NetEnt, Play’n GO or Microgaming, we are in a hurry to upset you, because these providers do not allow you to play on Bitcoin. On the other hand, providers such as Amatic and EGT are already fully adapted to play Bitcoins.


✅ Do casinos accept bitcoin?
  • Not all online casinos accept bitcoin. Each online casino takes this decision individually. Some brands immediately abandoned this unstable and fast-growing payment system. Other online casinos happily began to accept into their ranks everyone who wants to play on bitcoin.
✅ Is bitcoin casino legal?
  • Bitcoin does not affect the area of responsibility and legality of every online casino. Regardless of whether the casino accepts payments in this cryptocurrency, it is required to have a license. If the license is active and relevant, while the casino accepts payments and makes payments in bitcoin currency, then this online casino is certainly legal.
✅ What is bitcoin casino?
  • Bitcoin casino is an online casino that accepts payments and makes payments using bitcoin currency. Also, such a casino provides the opportunity to play games and slots for this currency.
✅ What is the best bitcoin casino?
  • To answer this question, you must apply the same parameters to determine the best online casino as usual. Each site does this in its own way. Our rating system applies to all Bitcoin casinos in the same way as usual. The Gambler Bay displays an average rating for each online casino according to top 5 casino sites.