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Aztec Secret Play Free or Real Money Slot Machine

Aztec Secret slot machine is a game from Amatic games dedicated to the ancient civilization of Aztec. Most slot symbols are dedicated to this particular civilization. Among these symbols you can see an Indian, a golden statue, a pyramid, a sacred bird. There is also a set of symbols for playing cards. This is an ace, king, queen, jack, ten and nine. There is also a scatter symbol. The musical accompaniment of the game will allow you to more fully immerse yourself in the world of ancient tribes.

Bonus Spins (Free Spins)

The scatter symbol is your guide to the world of an additional bonus game. If at least three of these symbols appear, you will receive 5 Bonus Spins. It should be remembered that the number of characters drawn does not affect the number of free spins received. There will always be 5 free spins. The scatter symbol itself looks like an image of a human face on an ancient stone. The face is painted with bright red and green colors.

The specifics of free spins are based on a special symbol. In most of these slots, a special bonus game symbol is selected and applied to all spins. In the Aztec Secret slot, this is done differently. Here, a special character is randomly dropped before each individual rotation.

Therefore, a special symbol will be selected 5 times, because in all in the bonus game there are 5 bonus spins. A special character may be repeated. After selecting a special character, at least 2 reels are filled. If the symbol is less expensive (for example, jack or bird), then the filling will be done on three reels. Bonus spins can be re-triggered.

Paylines and wild symbol

Most slots from the Amatic Games provider have 10 paylines. This creates certain amenities for players. For example, when entering a completely unfamiliar new game, the user is automatically configured to have 10 paylines in this slot. I would also like to say a few words about the Wild symbol. In the Aztec Secret slot, the scatter symbol performs the wild symbol function. We have already talked about this mask. Thus, scatter can not only give you a bonus game, but also a big win in a standard game.

Play free without download and registration

The Gambler Bay website fully agrees with the idea of ??free access to all existing games and slots. This helps players not spend money. In addition, you can always practice the game before you spend your own money. Also, we do not want to take advantage of the situation and require players to share their data (email, other) to access free slots. Also, we do not want to force you to download anything. Our motto is free access to the game for everyone.

Big wins

At the very end, you need to talk about the most pleasant. This is a big win in the Aztec Secret slot. To get the biggest win you need to catch a line consisting of symbols with an Indian. One coincident line with the Indian will multiply the total bet by 250 times. In the bonus game, it is possible to catch such a combination along 10 lines at once. Personally, I have never met such a thing and never heard from anyone. However, in the description for the slot such information is available.

If you coincide on 10 full lines with an Indian when playing at a rate of 1 dollar, you can win $ 2,500. If it’s true, then it’s great. Please share with us in the comments your big winnings and amounts. The free version of the game is perfect for this. Just write your maximum win in this game.

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