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King Kong Play Free or Real Money Slot Machine


Play For Free King Kong Slot Machine OnlineAre you looking for a free adventure online that will present gaming in a light you’ve never experienced? King Kong casino slot online is such a game designed by Playtech with an online experience of two players, Jack Driscoll and Anne Darrow on an adventure to Skull Island. A wild King Kong has the chance to win huge bonuses in the slots and does not require any download to take part in the adventure.

If you are not afraid of danger, then you will be able to face all dangers in your way and win the ultimate jackpot. The machine appears scary to the player at first but the experience included is more exciting than ordinary players are used to. The color scheme and overall theme is also matched to be as same as the theme of the game and its island setting.

King Kong Free Online Slot Machine Review

The slot machine is a no registration machine that is made up of 5 reels and 20 paylines. During play, the King Kong wakes up and hurls a golden barrel onto the reels. Symbols of famous movie character also accompany the gamer during the game and they power up and make upgrades from them.

The adventure to skull island is in itself, something to be proud about and this takes you through a territory that is full of perils and risky turns at every side. As such, you’ll have to be cautious about how you play and the routes you decide to go down on in order to avoid failing in the middle of the game.

Also, the game allows for the player to play for fun without real money. This is totally thrilling to the senses and reason for the popularity of the game. It has been highly rated by all wild King Kong players that have tried it and provides several bonuses along the way that ensure the gamer is on track and able to make it through no matter what challenges lie in wait for them.

Bonus Game And Free Spins

More surprises are hidden in wait for those players courageous enough to brave it to the end of the adventure. It can only be accessed by winning all previous levels and accumulating a given amount of points. Players that get to the bonus are the only ones that can identify with the real joy of the game and the intricate features in-built into it.

The bonus is also an open encouragement for players up the levels to try their best to earn the items and rewards along the way needed to get into the bonus game of the King Kong slots online. Great jungle cartoon characters are also included in the bonus and are unlocked as soon as you arrive at the level.

Using symbols for the characters correctly gets you the chance to play more and earn the bonus by triggering the levels that you did not quite achieve the prizes. Several rounds of the bonus lets you use every character and symbol you had been playing with in the course of the game. In addition, you can always use the no deposit bonus with free spins from the casino to get the most out of this video slot.

Mobile Version

King Kong online slot is different from the King Kong mobile edition that is much simplified with excellent graphics for simpler gaming on a small scale and high-definition sounds for a thrilling game on the move. The mobile version of the game also allows for updates with the servers to let the gamer know how well they have been progressing in the game and how well they have been able to get up to the challenge. Try it out on your mobile device and experience the wild, horrific islands you’d only be dreaming about.

King Kong gameplay

King Kong Slot Machine Online

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