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Bar-X Colossal Play Free or Real Money Slot Machine


Play For Free Bar-X Colossal Slot Machine OnlineOver time, casinos have only gotten more popular, and their games have only grown more and more. Walk-in casinos are fun and all, but these days people are beginning to spend their time playing in online casinos a lot more than in walk-in casinos. Online casinos have a huge spectrum of games for players to choose from, but even with new games being added frequently, old games like Bar-X are still the best and most popular casino slots.

Back in 1981, Electrocoin created Bar-X, a video slot game used in casinos. Since it was created, the game was used in casinos all over the UK, and even went over the 20,000 sale mark and it was considered the best machine of all times. The game is an “Amusement With Prize” (AWP) game that has since become an online game as well.

Bar-X Colossal Free Online Slot Machine Review

As stated above, the game, back when it was a machine, was considered the best machine of all times, and since then become a very popular game among walk-in and online casinos. The game can be played for free, with no deposit, or with bets, allowing the players to multiply their money if they win. The game’s design, which allows players to win classic slots and well as bonus twists, consists of 5 reels and 20 pay lines.

Bonus Game And Free Spins

Bar-X online slot contains several bonuses, which the players can use to multiply their bet. Some of these bonuses include A 7 free spin bonus that’s played on 3 different З-reel mini-slot machines; coins scattered through the game which have random multiplier prizes. Last but not least, the game contains a progressive jackpot that keeps on growing as the players keep having fun.

Mobile Version

To celebrate the game’s 35 year anniversary, in 2016, Electrocoin released a mobile version of the game for compatible with iPhones and iPads. Players can download this version of the game for fun on their devices and enjoy the game throughout the day.

Overall, Bar-X is one of the best games that players can find in both, walk-in and online casinos. The game, which can be played for free or to make a profit, allows the players to enjoy amazing bonus levels and multipliers. If you’re a fan, it’s easy to find the game online by searching Bar-X.

Bar-X Colossal gameplay

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