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Excalibur Play Free or Real Money Slot Machine


Excalibur is a name synonymous with gambling. It’s one of the top name casinos in Las Vegas. In case you can’t get to the world capital for gaming, you can always find the Excalibur slots online game. NetEnt developed this game. It’s one of the most common slot games found online.

Excalibur Free Online Slot Machine Review

Excalibur is based on the mythological story of the Excalibur sword. The theme of the slot game is British medieval times. The slots feature related graphics such as the Excalibur sword, knights, princesses, shields, etc.

Lining up these characters and symbols in a variety of combinations is how you’ll win the game. The Excalibur slot comes with five reels. It gives you the chance to bet with up to 20 lines. The more lines you bet, you’re increasing your chances to get a winning combination.

You’ll see all of the essential betting functions as the actual slot machines in a casino right from the gameplay screen. You can adjust you bet level, how many bet lines, setting the max bet, or coin value.

The online game takes real money to play which is converted into coins. These coins are given value during the game. When you win big, you’ll be winning in real life.

Bonus Game And Free Spins

Each spin can land you many specialty symbols. These bonuses can give extra spins, additional coins, or even a wild. Getting a wild on any row will mimic any other symbol to increase your chances of winning that row.

Landing the special Golden Wild symbol means that you’ll multiply your winnings by four times. There are also chances for tripling your winnings. In just one spin, you can potentially win up to 120,000 coins. The Excalibur slots game is a popular online slot game for winning big.

Mobile version

The Excalibur slots can be played in real life, on the computer, or even via your smartphone. The mobile version of the Excalibur slots is found on all major mobile marketplaces.

The entire gameplay remains the same on this mobile version. You’ll be betting in real time from the palm of your hands. It’s a unique way to experience one of the best slot games on the market.

Excalibur gameplay

Excalibur Slot Machine

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