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Fisticuffs Play Free or Real Money Slot Machine


Fisticuffs is a phrase used to describe a scuffle between two people which eventually became boxing. It’s also the name and theme of a popular slot game. NetEnt provides the Fisticuffs online slot game. Players can enjoy the thrills of slots and boxing to win huge prizes.

Boxing is the entire Fisticuffs gameplay and design. It’s an advanced slot machine game that adds in these additional elements to reward you with even better rewards. The actual slot game is set up as a boxing match.

Fisticuffs Free Online Slot Machine Review

You have five reels and three rows to make winning combinations. You have to match up boxing symbols such as gloves, boots, belt, stool, and bell. The reels also feature two boxers.

You’re given the same functions as a lot of slot machine games with Fisticuffs. You can adjust your bet amount. It is based on two criteria: the number of lines you want to play per spin and the coin value of each spin.

You can select just one or multiple lines to have better odds at a winning combination. Selecting the autoplay feature will let you set parameters to have the game automatically display the results without needing to make individual spins. You can also choose a regular single spin or a max bet spin.

Bonus Game And Free Spins

The bonus features of Fisticuffs makes it a bit more exciting than your usual slots game. Bonuses come from spinning combinations that include both of the characters. When this occurs, the characters come to life and spar right on the screen.

The sparring knocks either of them into a new reel and turns them into wild symbols. If you line up enough of these symbols, you can hit major jackpots. You can win rewards such as coins, free spins, or even having the wild symbols remain on the reel for a head start on your next spin.

Mobile Version

Many major online slot gaming platforms feature Fisticuffs. The game can be played via mobile devices too. The mobile game of Fisticuffs gives you all of the excitement of the desktop game in a handheld form. It’s available via mobile game marketplaces.

Fisticuffs gameplay

Fisticuffs Slot

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