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Go Bananas Play Free or Real Money Slot Machine


Go Bananas slot machine was created by NetEnt. This is a free, online slot that requires no deposit, ever. The theme of this video slot will have the player jumping for more.

Go Bananas Free Online Slot Machine Review

The display of this slot is crafted from five reels, three rows and twenty lines. The reels are over flowing with many different icons that range from tropical fruits to gold statue monkeys with red eyes.

The player has ultimate control in this slot, being able to adjust the level of skill from one to ten. The player also has the ability to raise the bet from a penny to a entire dollar.

The graphics of the Go Bananas slot machine are good for a player that loves animals and monkey’s. This display is easy to read and follow the reels to know what is happening with every spin, so no player is ever in the dark.

When the player is active in the main game, it is important to collect wild symbols (gold plates with ancient icons that are carved with a banana), the player will need to collect these icons in order to increase the chance of winning higher amounts.

Bonus Game And Free Spins

If the player is granted five wild gorilla’s or wild orangutan’s; the icons will flip themselves over to award the player with wild banana icons to create higher winning combinations.

Wild baboon’s that fill an entire reel, will flip to a reel of bonus icons.

Wild langur’s that flood an entire row will transform into a row of bonus symbols.

Wild Tarsier’s that are found in a reel or row in a pair of two, will shift into bonus wild icons and grant the player an increase in winnings.

Mobile Version

Unfortunately, the Go Bananas slot machine cannot be taken on the go. Although, there is no need to be discouraged. This slot is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux computers/laptops.

Go Bananas gameplay

Go Bananas Slot

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